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Planning Section for the Planning and Urban Design Agency

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The PlanPlanning Graphicning Department is responsible for neighborhood and comprehensive planning that seeks to improve the quality of life for residents in the City of St. Louis . The planning staff applies resources and expertise in a multi-disciplinary team effort, to assist neighborhood residents and businesses in improving and stabilizing the physical, social, and economic qualities of neighborhood life.
The Planning department works directly with community leaders and the community to address their issues, as well as assists other city departments in their efforts to improve the quality of neighborhoods. Additionally, the planning department is responsible for updating the Strategic Land Use Plan of the St. Louis Comprehensive Plan (SLUP). The SLUP is a guide to the future development of the City of St. Louis.             
     Planning Responsibilities:     
  • Make recommendations to the Planning Commission on blighting studies and redevelopment plans, modifications to zoning ordinance/zoning map, neighborhood/citywide plans, topical plans and other plans addressing issues important to the City of St. Louis.                 
  • Provide advice on Conditional Use Permits, PUD, CUP, Housing Conservation Districts, Street Name Changes.   
  • Review and write neighborhood plans, citywide and land use plans.     
  • Continuing to update the Strategic Land Use Plan, the land use component of the City's Comprehensive Plan.             
  • Work with organizations devoted to improving the quality of life and the prosperity of the City of St. Louis's 79 neighborhoods.                         

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