The Central Business District

  1. Improved Access Required For Greater Traffic Volume And For Many More Parking Facilities
  2. Adequate Parking Facilities
  3. Express Highways
  4. Traffic Regulations

Traffic Regulations

Congestion has been reduced by elimination of curb parking during rush hours, by one-way streets and by re-routing of street cars and buses. Maximum use of street space for moving traffic must be secured even if all curb parking has to be eliminated.

Streetcars and buses carry the greater volume of passengers during the peak rush hours and further facilitation of these mass transportation vehicles is the primary requisite. This can be achieved by more expeditious loading, by additional restriction of other types of traffic and by further reducing turning movements. Our streets are not used to their maximum capacity as yet and greater speed of traffic on certain streets is still possible. Much has been accomplished in recent years but further intensive study will disclose opportunity for more expeditious traffic flow.

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