1. Three Areas - Three Programs
  2. Obsolete Areas
  3. Blighted Districts
  4. New Residence Areas

New Residence Areas

There are few large vacant land areas left in St. Louis. For more than a decade there has been less new residential construction in St. Louis than in adjoining suburban areas. However, there are still many good, comparatively new residential areas in the northern, western, and southern sections of St. Louis. There is great need for better protection, improved standards, and greater confidence among property owners in the future stability and character of these districts.

The enactment of the much-delayed revised zoning ordinance will be extremely beneficial to these areas. Supplementing the zoning, however, there should be encouragement for the formation of strong neighborhood associations interested in protecting their character and environment. Several such organizations now exist, but there is need for more effective programs of work and better organization. The City Plan Commission is giving assistance in this field.

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