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Washington Avenue Loft District

3D Washington Ave - East

3D Washington Ave - West

Mississippi Riverfront Perspective Washington Avenue, which runs east and west through the Downtown, forms a link between the Downtown West district and the Riverfront. Located along Washington Avenue are key Downtown destinations such as Laclede's Landing, the TWA Dome, America's Center, the Convention Headquarters Hotel, and the City Museum. The Washington Avenue Loft District is defined by Delmar Boulevard to the North, Locust Street to the South, N. 9th Street to the East and N. 18th Street to the West.

Convention Headquarters Hotel Perspective

The key development principles and programs set forth for the district include: renovation and reuse of existing buildings; support of existing arts district uses; infill of new buildings; location of support parking behind buildings; enhanced streetscaping; the creation of new urban greens; active recreational areas; and a public square. Over the next six years, the plan includes 1,300 residential units, 435,000 square feet of live/work, incubator business, office and retail space, and 2,246 structured parking spaces. Also included are two public parks totaling 140,000 square feet. The primary park, referred to as Washington Square, will be
Streetscape Perspective located at the 1600 block of Washington Avenue. The secondary park is located west of the district and will be primarily a ballfield and recreational area. The parks will serve the existing and new residents of the district and will provide weekday open space for downtown workers and children in downtown day care centers and schools.

Year One Priority Actions

  • Complete schematic design of the entire length of Washington Avenue, execute design development and construction
    Loft Perspective drawings of the Phase I focus area (Loft District) for construction to begin in 2000.
  • Prove the viability of the loft market by concentrating energy and resources on three to five significant conversions of warehouses into loft apartments, with accompanying parking in an area of close proximity.
  • Issue RFP and induce development of Merchandise Mart building.
  • Amend city ordinances to enable building owners and tenants to hang banners, awnings, and signage through an efficient
    New Park Perspective permitting process.

Total Development Progaram

  • 700 loft rehab for-rent units
  • 300 loft rehab for-sale units
  • 200 new infill rental units
  • 100 new infill for-sale units
  • 435,000 sq. ft. of live/work, incubator business, retail and office space
  • 2,246 structured parking spaces

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