Harland Bartholomew
His Contributions to American Urban Planning
(by Eldridge Lovelace)

Harland Bartholomew: His Contributions to American Urban Planning
Table of Contents

Introduction (2.3 MB)
Chapter 1 (5.4 MB)
Chapter 2 (5.9 MB)
Chapter 3 (6.3 MB)
Chapter 4 (2.1 MB)
Chapter 5 (2.3 MB)
Chapter 6 (2.0 MB)
Chapter 7 (3.6 MB)
Chapter 8 (2.6 MB)
Chapter 9 (6.3 MB)
Chapter 10 (9.1 MB)
Chapter 11 (1.9 MB)
Appendix A (3.6 MB)

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