1907 A City Plan for St. Louis
1936 A Regional Survey & Plan
1936 Regional Planning - Part II
1947 Comprehensive City Plan
1975 Interim Comprehensive Plan - Draft
1976 City Wide Implementation Strategies: The Draft Comprehensive Plan


By: Civic League for St. Louis
Pub: no date listed

The City Plan for St. Louis was drafted by several committees including forty-two citizens. This document is a comprehensive plan for the City of St. Louis. It would be looked at by the Civic League for St. Louis and the citizens of St. Louis for confirmation. This comprehensive plan was designed to address future urban trends such as growth in population, industry and trade.

The main objectives of this city plan were stated as follows:

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The St. Louis Regional Area - A Preliminary Report

By: St. Louis Regional Planning Association, St. Louis, MO.
For: Prepared for the National Planning Board, Washington, D.C.
Pub: January 1936

This report was conducted in response to the National Planning Board's request for the appraisal and status of major regional and local planning agencies. A brief historical overview of St. Louis and regional planning was discussed, however, the St. Louis Regional Planning Association's main focus of this report was to provide a preliminary statement of facts, conditions and trends of the St. Louis Regional area. In addition, an analysis of these conditions was conducted and recommendations were made.

The St. Louis regional areas included several counties including: St. Louis, St. Louis County, Monroe County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Madison County, St. Clair County and Franklin County. A survey of these areas was completed and a profile of each county was included in the report. The profile reviewed the history of the county, the topographical and geographical characteristics, population and land use trends and principal physical improvements to the area (i.e.: highways, transportation, transit, sewers and water supply and housing).

Completed and future public works projects for the metropolitan area were also discussed, as were issues involving federal concern, such as the Mississippi River, bridges and interstates. Lastly, the report focused on the process of structuring a planning administration that would develop and implement a regional plan for the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

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By: National Resources Committee, Washington, D.C.
Pub: June 1936

This document is the final draft of the above preliminary report (see A Regional Survey & Plan). After the report was submitted to the National Resources Committee, it was then taken one second step further and published by the Federal Government. The document was designed in final draft form, including high quality graphs, maps, photographs and print. The content of the regional plan was, however, taken directly from the preliminary report.

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By: City Plan Commission
Pub: January 1947

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The Comprehensive City Plan was proposed by the City Plan Commission, on January 17, 1947; it was adopted into ordinance #44022, by the Board of Alderman and by the Mayor on March 28, 1947. This rough report was written with the intention of empowering the City Plan Commission to provide for an official Comprehensive Plan that would establish definite planning themes for the City of St. Louis. This report was an idealistic approach to preventing and or stabilizing any future negative trends that were predicted for the City at that time.

The following planning issues were the central focus of this document:

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By: City Plan Commission
Pub: June 1975

The Interim Comprehensive Plan was introduced to the public as a replacement of the 1947 Comprehensive Plan . The City Planning Commission claims that the planning needs of St. Louis had changed over a period of thirty years and therefore the comprehensive plan for the City should change as well. This draft document was written for citizen review. The overall focus of this comprehensive plan was to provide citizens with the highest quality of life, socially, economically, and physically. The plan contains policies and recommendations for land use, transportation, public facilities and housing, all of which are aimed at establishing a quality residential environment, job opportunities, economic development, and expanded opportunities for the disadvantaged.

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By: City Plan Commission
Pub: no date listed

This document contains the technical memorandum that was submitted to the Plan Commission by Team Four, Inc. in 1975. This memorandum proposed public policy guidelines and strategies for implementing the Draft Comprehensive Plan that was prepared by others. It offered a series of considerations concerning the process of adopting, staging, budgeting and ultimately implementing the Draft Comprehensive Plan. In addition, this document contains a preface dated 1976 that attempts to clean up any inconsistencies and or controversies surrounding the proposed implementation strategies and a bibliography or annotated listing of Technical Memoranda and Appendixes. Part I of this document focused on strategies for three generic area types: conservation, redevelopment, and depletion areas; and Part II of this document discussed major urban issues and their solutions.

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