Index by Date

1875Pictorial Saint Louis - 1875: A Topographical Survey Drawn in Perspective A.D.
1907A City Plan for St. Louis
1912Central Traffic Parkway
1913The Riverfront - Possible Municipal Ownership of Terminals
1914Five Possible Locations and Comparative Cost of Proposed River Terminals
1915St. Louis River Front - Municipal Terminals for Boats and Railroads and Conferences of Governors and Delegates for River Cities
1916River Des Peres
1917A Major Street Plan for St. Louis, the City Plan Commission
1917Problems of St. Louis
1918Zoning for St. Louis: A Fundamental Part of the City Plan
1918Height, Area and Use Districts and Restrictions
1919The Zone Plan
1919A Public Building Group Plan for St. Louis
1919Twelfth Street: St. Louis' Most Needed Commercial Thoroughfare
1922The Municipal Bridge of St. Louis: A Record of Municipal Effort
1926Rapid Transit for St. Louis
1926Zoning Ordinance of the City of St. Louis, Missouri
1928A Plan for the Central River Front - Saint Louis
1929Plans for the Northern and Southern River Front
1933A Plan for the Central Riverfront
1936A Regional Survey & Plan - The St. Louis Regional Area A Preliminary Report
1936Regional Planning - Part II - St. Louis Region
1936Urban Land Policy
1940(1940-1970) Historical Information and Reports on St. Louis
1942Saint Louis After World War II
1944Plan for Public Recreational Areas
1947Comprehensive City Plan
1948The Pattern of Industrial Land Use in Saint Louis
1948Comprehensive Plan - #1 Major Streets
1949Comprehensive Plan - #2 Zoning
1950Zoning Ordinance of the City of St. Louis Missouri 1950 - Nov. 1955 The Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance #45309
1951Expressway Plan for the St. Louis Urban Area in Missouri
1953An American City: Four Year's Progress - St. Louis 1949-1953
1953Rebuilding Industry - Commerce in St. Louis
1953Let's Look at Housing: A Report on Housing Conditions in Selected Areas of St. Louis
1956Land Use Plan
1958Central Business District Space Use Study
1958Downtown Land Use Study - Part I
1959Mansion House Redevelopment Project
1960A Plan for Downtown St. Louis
1965St. Louis Land Use Statistics
1967Saint Louis Riverfront Development Plan
1969History: Physical Growth of the City of Saint Louis
1972Model City Land Use Plan
1973Concept for a New Town in the City
1973Saint Louis Development Program
1974A Plan for Downtown St. Louis
1975Interim Comprehensive Plan - Draft
1976City Wide Implementation Strategies: The Draft Comprehensive Plan
1977Residential Reuse - A Manual of Design and Construction Methods and Techniques
1977Central Riverfront Plan
1978Historic St. Louis - An Architectural Survey of the Central Business District
1978History of St. Louis Neighborhoods (Series)
1978Economic Development Strategy Recommendations for the City of St. Louis
1979Economic Impact of the Multiple Resource Nomination to the National Register of Historic Places on the St. Louis Central Business District
1980Zoning Ordinance of the City of St. Louis
1981Report on St. Louis
1984The St. Louis Central Riverfront: An Analysis of Challenges and Opportunities
1985St. Louis 1985: A Profile at Mid-Decade
1987A Plan for Downtown St. Louis: Visions of the Future
1988Market Analysis and Development Strategy for the Central Riverfront Area
1990The Gate District - Report to the Community Development Agency City of St. Louis