Land Divisions

Land divisions in the Baden-Riverview area were originally made by a series of large tracts, known as U.S. Surveys. These represented American confirmations of the early French and Spanish land grants made in the late 18th Century. By the 1850's these surveys had been subdivided into farming areas owned by families whose names have survived to this day in neighborhood streets. Some of these landholders were the Bittner, Gimblin, McLaran, Switzer, Thatcher, Walter, Hornsby and Dowling families. Still later residential subdivisions were platted in the Baden area, one of the earliest was Bellevue Addition in the Brazeau tract. In the Riverview section the survey tracts extended from the river westwardly beyond the present City Limits. Among owners in this area were William Carr Lane, first mayor of St. Louis, Nicholas A. Destrehan, Samuel B. Wiggins and Amadee Valle.

Resubdivision began at the southern end of Riverview in the early 1870's with the partition of the Paschall H. St. Cyr estate and Prospect Hill. In the early 1890's, coincidental with the opening of the waterworks at Chain of Rocks, there was a renewal of subdivision activity on a limited scale. Subdivisions which now contain most of the houses on the bluff side are Riverview Gardens, platted in 1917-19, and the Glasgow Woods subdivision of 1928. Housing here is principally single family dwellings along the sides and on top of the bluffs. Most of these date from the 1920's and 1930's and are owner occupied.