Public park acreage in the Baden area is rather limited in extent. Baden playground between Church and Halls Ferry Roads contains 2.17 acres and was purchased in 1938 for $17,500. It was the site of the first Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, built in 1873. For a short time it was known as the Joseph F. Dickmann Playground. For many years the grounds of the Baden pumping station were well landscaped by the City Water Division as a local garden spot. Tennis courts were maintained on Baden Avenue near the greenhouses. David Hickey Park at 8700 North Broadway was acquired by the Park Department in 1947. The 16.26 acre park was given the name of a previous park that was absorbed in the site of the Small Arms Plant about 1939-40. Charles Busche Park at Broadway and Calvary covers six acres and was acquired in 1931. Chain of Rocks Park, with its ample picnic grounds and picturesque views of the river from hillside roadways, was acquired by the Water Division in 1893. The 29.76 acre park was landscaped about 1910 and is one of the few city parks not under the jurisdiction of the Park Department. North of Chain of Rocks is the North Shore Country Club which began as a boat club in 1916. A golf course and swimming pool were added in 1919, when it was known as the Riverview Country Club. It received its present name in 1929.