Before the first public school in Baden was opened in 1872, pupils attended a rural school. The public school was a one room frame building at Christian and Switzer Avenues. After a temporary discontinuance of Mount Carmel parochial school in 1878, students of that school and those from the public school moved into a brick building at Church Road and Bittner Street, which had been purchased by the Board of Education from Holy Cross Church. At that time the old public school was converted into Colored School #11, later renamed as the Aldridge School. The building at Church and Bittner was a three story structure of six rooms accommodating 240 pupils. It occupied a 125 x 196 foot lot and the property was valued at $10,000 in 1881.

After 1900, this school became inadequate and portable units were erected in its yard. In 1904, a kindergarten opened in one of those portables. Two years later another portable was opened at Halls Ferry and Gimblin. The present Baden School at 8724 Halls Ferry Road was opened in 1908 and was designed by William B. Ittner. The Riverview area does not have any churches or schools within its boundaries, the needs of its residents for these purposes being served by religious and educational facilities in nearby Baden or in the adjoining portion of St. Louis County. The Church of God is located at Broadway and Riverview.

Image - Baden Public School at 8724 Halls Ferry Road