Broadway, the principal business street in Baden, was formerly Bellefontaine Road but received its present name in 1883 under an ordinance seeking to avoid duplications of street names to simplify the new postal home deliveries. It was an extension of Broadway which was so named within the 1855 City Limits. The name was originally applied in 1826 to a wide section of what later became Third Street north of Biddle. In addition to the aforementioned family names which were perpetuated by streets, some other Baden Street names were similarly derived. These include Frederick and Tillie Avenues which were named for members of the Kraft family, Blase Avenue for William Blase who subdivided his property in 1886 and Doddridge Street named for Thomas Hornsby's brother. Concord Place and Grape Avenue commemorate the many vineyards which flourished in the area. Gast Place recalls the family of Paulus Gast, who operated a brewery in Baden.

Old Market Place was renamed Muriel Street by ordinance in 1935, in honor of the daughter of Edward L. Kuhs, a real estate man and former alderman. Church Road is obviously named for Holy Cross Church, while Kenrick Street bears the name of the archbishop in whose name the property there was held. Christian Avenue carries the given name of Christian Oberbeck, whose subdivision was recorded in 1868. Jordan, Canaan and Elias are names reminiscent of a colony of Jews who, about 1910, lived on the hill in that area where a cemetery and vineyard existed in earlier times. Vineyards were extensive in the area before 1900, including those of Jacob Bittner and others on land of Inglesyde, the Jennings Estate; and also on the McLaran Estate and the Lucien Mead farm, near the present City Limits.