Benton Park


Among the first industries in the Benton Park vicinity were brick yards, a ropewalk and breweries. The largest brewery in the City during the 1870's was William J. Lemp's Western Brewery at Cherokee and 13th Streets. It was founded in 1840 by Adam Lemp on Second Street near Elm. Upon the death of his father in 1862, William J. Lemp gained control and soon began rebuilding the brewery at the South Side location. A cave, later known as Cherokee Cave, influenced Lemp to choose this site, since it provided a natural cooling cellar for the brew. Lemp's continued to prosper and grow so that it eventually became one of two principal breweries in St. Louis and a major producer on a national scale. The brewery was closed by prohibition and never reopened. Its plant is now occupied by Interco, Inc., as a shoe warehouse.