Benton Park

Present Conditions

Present characteristics show the Benton Park area to be an old predominantly residential district consisting of two and four family dwellings with a few single family homes. This housing stock generally dates from the 1880's and 1890's. In recent years demolitions have far exceeded new construction. Except for corner stores scattered throughout the area, most commercial activity is along Jefferson Avenue south of Gravois. This business strip has deteriorated somewhat in recent years although some new drive-ins and service stations have been built.

The population is about 85% native white with a large German and Slavic group predominating in the remainder. The non-white population is only about 2%.

The principal neighborhood organizations in the area are the Pontiac Central Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Pride, Benton Improvement and Beautification Association and Neighborhood Housing Services, a not-for-profit cooperative effort between neighborhood representatives and businesses.