Benton Park


The earliest public school built in the area was the Charless School which was erected in 1895 at 2226 Shenandoah Avenue after the design by A. H. Kirchner, who was also the architect for the Fremont School completed in 1897 at 2840 Wisconsin Avenue. Fremont was considerably enlarged in 1963 by the addition of a gymnasium and more classrooms. McKinley was the first high school on the South Side when it was opened in 1904 and was converted to an intermediate school after the opening of Roosevelt High School in 1925. It later reverted back to high school status. The school was originally designed by William B. Ittner and was enlarged in 1925 and 1963. The Franz Sigel School, also designed by Ittner, was built in 1906 at 2050 Allen Avenue.