Bissell / College Hill


One of the city's oldest existing houses is the Captain Lewis Bissell home at 4426 Randall Place. It was built between 1823 and 1828 on a high bluff above a river bend which came to be known as Bissell's Point. Captain Bissell, a nephew of General Daniel Bissell, who built his home on Bellefontaine Road, was a native of Connecticut and a veteren of the War of 1812. He founded Fort Clark on the site of the city of Peoria, Illinois and served on western expeditions. The old house, in which Bissell died in 1868, has been preserved through the efforts of its present owners, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Hutton and the Landmarks Association of St. Louis.

Another well known old house in this area was "Bellegarde", a mansion built by Beverly Allen in 1841. It commanded a sweeping view of the river from its lofty perch on the bluffs, above Broadway between Bissell Street and east Grand Avenue. This house was made famous by St. Louis author Winston Churchill in his novel "The Crisis." "Bellegarde" was later the residence of James E. Yeatman and among guests there were Generals Grant, Sherman, Fremont, and Kossuth, as well as Carl Schurz and Thomas H. Benton. The house was razed in 1910 and its site is now part of the grounds of the Jewish Center for the Aged.

Image - Old Bissell Mansion on Randall Place