Bissell / College Hill

Locale and Topography

The name College Hill was given to this area because it was the location of the St. Louis University College Farm. This area, bounded generally by Warne, Carter and Linton Avenues and Broadway, was acquired by the University for garden and recreation purposes in 1836, it was subdivided in the early 1870's.

This area, which extends along the North St. Louis riverfront from Ferry Street to East Taylor Avenue, began to be settled along Bellefontaine Road in the 1830-1840 decade. Broadway, which was originally Bellefontaine Road, lies at the base of a westward slope of river bluffs throughout most of this vicinity. The land east of Broadway is flat bottom land reaching eastwardly to the Mississippi River.

In its earlier years the area was rural in character consisting of large farm estates owned by John O'Fallon, Dr. John Gano Bryan, Edward Hempstead and Lewis Bissell. These large tracts were later subdivided and platted as residential additions. One of the first of these was known as the town of Lowell, which was laid out in 1849, by E.C. Hutchinson and others. Its boundaries were Adelaide Avenue, Broadway, East Prairie Avenue and the river. Although referred to as a town, Lowell was not incorporated and became a part of the City of St. Louis when the limits were expanded in 1876.

Image - View of the Bissell-College Hill area in 1875