The Roman Catholic parish of the Epiphany of Our Lord was founded in 1911 by Rev. J. F. English, who had previously been the assistant pastor of St. Agnes Church. Epiphany Church is located at 6598 Smiley Avenue at Ivanhoe, and was enlarged by an addition in 1948. The Father English Memorial Hall at 3164-74 Ivanhoe Avenue was erected in 1949. Its parochial school, which was in charge of the Sisters of St. Dominic in 1928, is now located in a modern structure, which was completed in 1958, at 6576-90 Smiley Avenue.

The Southwest Baptist Church was founded as a Sunday School, with 27 members, on July 6, 1921. The first church was erected on the site of the present structure at 6509-15 Scanlan Avenue. Continued growth required a larger building, which was built at 6313 Scanlan and dedicated on September 12, 1926. The present church plant was erected in three units, the first of which was an educational unit completed in 1954. This was followed by a second educational section in 1959. The church proper was constructed in front of the educational sections and dedicated on November 30, 1969. Total cost of the existing facilities was about $1,500,000.

Dr. Fry Memorial Methodist Church at 2501 Clifton Avenue was founded in 1888 by Dr. Benjamin St. James Fry, who was one of the original developers of the Clifton Heights subdivision. He induced a colony of Methodists from Union M. E. Church to move into the area and formed the new church to meet their religious needs. The first services were held in Vera Hall, near Frisco Park, until after Dr. Fry's death in 1892, when the church on Clifton Avenue was erected in his memory. This edifice was destroyed by fire on February 16, 1905, in a blaze which was fought by a fire company from the World's Fair grounds. The church was rebuilt in 1905-1906 from plans by architect William A. Cann.

The Clifton Heights Presbyterian Church congregation was organized in October, 1891, at a meeting in Vera Hall, near Clifton and Wilson Avenues, and was located at 6319 Wilson Avenue in 1896. The existing church building at 6201 Columbia Avenue, was erected in 1900 and was extensively remodeled in 1958. The orginal church building was designed by R. J. Dawson, who was also the architect for several residences in the area.

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church was located on Wilson Avenue, opposite Frisco Park, as early as 1896. In 1923 it was situated at 6266 Wilson Avenue.

Mount Tabor United Church of Christ at 6520 Arsenal Street was formed in 1928 in a merger of the congregation of Bethlehem and Messiah Evangelical Churches. The latter congregation was organized there in 1924. Bethlehem Church relocated from 5801 Southwest Avenue, where it had been situated since 1910. It was founded in 1889 at Shaw Avenue and Hereford Street, as a German Church in the "Hill" area.

Another Protestant group in the area meets at the Clifton Heights Gospel Hall at 6420 Marmaduke Avenue