Compton Heights

Commercial and Industrial Development

In the western portion of the Compton Hill area, most of the commercial development is along Grand Boulevard from Park to Magnolia. In recent years, drive-ins of various types have replaced the older retail store fronts. There is limited strip commercial along Arsenal and Shenandoah east of Grand. The eastern portion of the area features auto oriented commercial along Gravois, with older uses gradually being replaced in a manner common to major streets. There are poorly maintained commercial buildings along Jefferson with some converted to makeshift residential units. Corner location local businesses are scattered through the neighborhood. Former commercial locations along Park and Lafayette Avenues west of Jefferson have been vandalized and gutted, many have been demolished and with the remainder declining rapidly.

The principal industrial concentration is in the vicinity of Sidney Street west of Jefferson. Elsewhere industrial uses are intermixed with others along Gravois and Jefferson. Older manufacturing and storage facilities are scattered through the eastern portion of this area and also along Park Avenue, where marginal industrial uses are mixed with residential or commercial.