Compton Heights


Incarnate Word Hospital at 3545 Lafayette Avenue began as the Josephine Heitkamp Hospital in 1900. It was then located at Grand Boulevard and Henrietta Street. It continued as a privately operated hospital until 1933 when the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word took charge of its administration.

The present name was adopted in 1949 and in 1951 the first addition was made to the hospital increasing its bed capacity from 48 to 110. Other additions were made in 1958 and 1967. A later addition provided greatly enlarged intensive care facilities and increased the bed capacity to 300 when it was completed in 1976.

The old St. Vincent's Cemetery was located at the southwest corner of Park and Jefferson Avenues from 1845 to 1865.

The first branch of the St. Louis Public Library was the Barr Library at Jefferson and Lafayette Avenues, which was opened in 1906, from plans by T. C. Link.

This area is well churched and served by schools both public and parochial. The major educational complex is concentrated east of Grand from Park to Henrietta. Semi-public uses such as Y.M.C.A. and nursing homes can be found along Grand and Russell. There is also some high-rise residential on Russell near Grand and around Grand and Magnolia. The several small parks are widely scattered, however the location of Tower Grove Park at the southwestern corner of the neighborhood supplements these park facilities.