Compton Heights


Several public schools are located in this area, the earliest being the Hodgen School at 2748 Henrietta Street which was built in 1884, with additions in 1888 and 1895. Architect for the original building was Otto J. Wilhelmi. The Grant School at 3009 Pennsylvania Avenue was opened in 1893 and was one of the first public schools here designed by William B. Ittner. An addition was built in 1902. Ittner was also the architect of the Wyman School built in 1901 at 1547 South Theresa Avenue and the adjacent building for Harris Teachers College at 1517 South Theresa, which was finished in 1905. The teachers college remained there until 1950 and the building is now used as the Board of Education Curriculum Service Center.

Another school in this educational complex is the Gallaudet School for the Deaf at 1616 South Grand Boulevard designed by R.M. Milligan in 1924. The Shenandoah School at 3412 Shenandoah Avenue, also designed by Milligan, was opened in 1926.

St. Elizabeth's Academy at Arsenal Street and Louisiana Avenue was opened in 1882 by the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood. The buildings had previously been used as a convent and asylum of the Sisters of St. Mary. The academy presently consists of several buildings built at various times from 1894 to 1957 with the most recent being the high school and auditorium. The convent was built in 1914 and a classroom building was opened in 1922.