There is a concentration of commercial uses along Grand Boulevard northward from St. Louis Avenue to Natural Bridge and again north for Kossuth to Florissant. The importance has diminished due to crime and vandalism, a condition which is prevalent in most commercial sections of the Fairground area. Not much new commercial construction exists except for drive-in facilities. A better established commercial strip along Natural Bridge west of Fair Avenue, is anchored by the bank and medical buildings near Newstead Avenue.

The former Fairgrounds Hotel at Natural Bridge and Spring Avenue has been converted into a home for the aged, while further west on Natural Bridge at Euclid Avenue is the Northwestern Hotel. Secondary commercial concentrations are along Taylor Avenue and at Newstead and St. Louis Avenues. There is a minor commercial strip along Kigshighway and north of Natural Bridge on Shreve Avenue. In the north sector of the area there is considerable commercial development along West Florissant Avenue from Grand to beyond Warne Avenue and smaller centers, such as the one at Newstead and Penrose Avenues, within the area, Development of the commercial uses took place simultaneously with the residential neighborhoods, both being dependent upon accessibility of public transit.