East of Grand Boulevard is an older section of two and four family flats with a minor mixture of single family dwellings. Most of these date from the 1890-1920 period end are in varying stages of deterioration due to age and inadequate maintenance. West of Grand and south of Fairground Park the housing stock dates from 1900-20, primarily flats, many of which have been demolished. Single family dwellings have been converted into rooming houses. Overall the appearance was one of deteriorated buildings and vacant lots. South west of Fairground Park, the residential character is similar to the area east of it in general appearance. It consists largely of two and four family units with some apartments scattered throughout, mostly brick structures built before 1920.

North of Natural Bridge and west of Taylor is an area which is predominantly single family in character. Most are well maintained and were built in the 1920s and 1930s, and have a high percentage of owner occupancy. To the east of the area described above is an older residential section, with houses reasonably well maintained and primarily single family with pockets of flats and a few apartment buildings. North of Fairground Park is a declining older neighborhood, mostly built before 1920. Many are two and four family flats, some single family dwellings, the houses mostly built of brick but with a high incidence of frame structures. The entire area is now largely composed of black residents, a population trend which has increased significantly since 1960.