Grand Prairie


Grande Prairie Area is rather deficient in public park facilities. The oldest public open space is Fountain Park at Euclid and Fountain Avenues. It was originally laid out as a park space in the Aubert Place subdivision of 1857 by John Lay. It was donated to the City by Lay in 1889 and covers an area of one and a half acres.

Tandy Playground occupies the block bounded by Cottage, Goode, Kennerly and Pendleton Avenues with an area of 5.6 acres. It was purchased by the City in 1915 for $102,380. A community center building was erected on the eastern end of the block in 1938. These facilities are named in honor of Captain Charlton H. Tandy, a Civil War military figure and a pioneer in the black education effort in Missouri. An extensive playground area is located west of Turner School, between Pendleton and Newstead. Beckett Playground is located at Page Boulevard and Taylor Avenues. It was developed in the late 1950's.

Image - A scene in Fountain Park