Grand Prairie


Residential sections of the Grande Prairie Area are situated in its interior away from bordering major streets containing the commercial strips. Single family dwellings are found primarily in its western portion, where it is intermixed with two or four family flats. These structures are generally built of brick and were erected between 1900 and 1920. Owner occupancy is relatively low except in the northwestern sector of the area, where property maintenance is higher. Some demolition has occured in the area, with most of it in the eastern portions, where deterioration is more advanced. Multiple family buildings are scattered throughout the area with more concentrated in the southeastern section. Dwelling structures in the eastern part of the area are generally older and less well maintained than in the western section. Age-wise, some of these date back to the 1880's and 1890's. A number of former single family dwellings have been converted into rooming houses. Frame houses are found in poorer sections of the area where more demolition has occurred.