Grand Prairie


Public transit within the Grande Prairie area was first provided by horse car lines of the Citizen's Railway Company operating on St. Charles Road west from Grand Avenue about 1870. This line ran as far as the Six Mile House in Rinkelville, the present location of Goodfellow Avenue. A branch line ran north of St. Charles Road on Papin (later Marcus) Avenue to Natural Bridge Road and thence west to Kingshighway. In October, 1878, the West End Narrow Gauge Railway, a steam line, began operations from a terminus near Grand and Olive. It ran west through the Grande Prairie area, following the route which was later used by the Hodiamont street car line. During the 1880's, the terminal was relocated on the present Enright Avenue west of Vandeventer.

In the early 1890's most of the city's street railways, including these lines were electrified. By the time of the transit company consolidation in 1899, trolley car lines were operating on such crosstown lines as Taylor, Sarah, Vandeventer and Grand, as well as on east-west lines including Delmar, Hodiamont, Page, Wellston and the Cass line on St. Louis Avenue. In addition to a line on Marcus from Easton to Natural Bridge, the Spalding line ran on Cottage and Spalding Avenues between Taylor and Union. In the conversion to motor buses in the 1950's some of the former street car routes were abandoned.