Hyde Park

Town of Breman

Among the many Germans who migrated to the St. Louis area in the 1840's were quite a few who were natives of the German city of Bremen. Since many of these families had settled along Bellefontaine Road, this area was given the name of New Bremen after their home town. A survey of the town area was executed by Edward Hutawa in 1844 at the direction of the four principal property owners; George Buchanan, E. C. Angelrodt, N. N. Destrehan and Emil Mallinckrodt. They were the incorporators of the town of Bremen in 1850 and the four east-west streets were named in their honor. Broadway was the main street and was dedicated as a pubIic highway on May 10, 1852.

Ernest C. Angelrodt was the first president of the town board of trustees, which held its meetings in his residence. A town seal was designed as follows: "A dove with an oak branch in its mouth and a key in its claws and the rising sun beneath, surrounded by a scroll inscribed with these works in Roman Capitals: The Commonwealth of the Town of Bremen, incorporated on the sixteenth day of July, 1850."

A post office was secured by a petition of the trustees in August, 1850 and trans-portation to St. Louis was provided by an omnibus line, operated by Erastus Wells and Calvin Case, established in 1845. A tax of one-fifth of one percent was levied on all property in the town. As incorporated in 1850, the towns' limits extended from the river on the east as far west as Twentieth Street and from Dock Street on the south to East Grand Avenue on the north. It included the 1844 survey and the Farrar tract.

Annexation of Bremen to St. Louis was under consideration in 1854 when the trustees opened discussion on the subject with Mayor John How of St. Louis. The question was submitted to the citizens of Bremen at an election in April, 1856, when they voted in favor of annexation, thus ending the official existence of the town of Bremen. By that time, the town had developed into a thriving community with considerable commercial and industrial activity.