Hyde Park

Land Divisions

Four years after the founding of St. Louis, the Spanish government made the first land grants to various settlers. A grant made to Gabriel Cerre on September 10, 1768, embraced the area, which became the site of the town of Breman many years later. It was surveyed by Antoine Soulard and recorded with the Registre de Arpendage on April 15, 1798. This grant covered 184 arpents - about 156 acres - but Cerre did not settle there, having a house and farm in the present Soulard area, then south of the village of St. Louis. Cerre's property here, later known as Survey #2042, was sold after his death in 1805 and by the 1830's had been acquired by Rufus Easton. Cerre was also qranted title to two other tracts west and north of his riverfront holding. Survey -#3209, to the west, covered about 255 acres and later became the Farrar tract, which included the site of Hyde Park. Northwardly along the west bank of Gingras Creek was another Cerre property, later called Survey #2041, and acquired by Clement B. Penrose.