Housing and Architecture

Residentially, the Kingsbury area is a mixture ranging from single family dwellings to high-rise apartments. The largest houses are to be found in Parkview and Hillcrest and on Kingsbury east of Skinker. Medium size houses of two or two and a half stories are located in the 5700, 5800 and 5900 blocks of Waterman and Pershing and along the length of DeGiverville Avenue. West of Des Peres Avenue most of the housing is in multi-family buildings either flats or apartments generally of two or three stories. Three and six family apartment buildings, three stories in height, are prevalent along Nina Place, McPherson and Kingsbury east of

Des Peres Avenue. These structures once predominated in the area east of Hamilton and north of McPherson east to DeBaliviere, with only a few multi-story buildings on DeBaliviere or Skinker in the Washington Heights section. Another area of multifamily buildings is on Laurel Street near Pershing and in the 5700 block of the latter street. In the Washington Heights area housing construction began about 1908 in the western sector near Skinker, with an apparent eastward progression through 1914. By that time the majority of the single family dwellings had been built as had most of the apartments except for those in the Second Addition which were erected after 1915. About ten years later there were very few vacant lots remaining wi*hin this centrally located area near the park and shopping facilities. West of Skinker, the earliest single family homes were constructed in Parkview about 1908 with total development occurring by 1920. The first homes in Hillcrest were built before World War I, followed by post war construction in Hi-Pointe and Ellenwood. Most of the three story apartments in DeMun Park were built in the twenties followed by the first high rise buildings on Skinker about 1929. The most recent of the latter type date from the early 1960's.

Image - A typical West-end six-family apartment building