Very soon after the build up of the Washington Heights area began it became apparent that a public school was a vital need. In 1914, the Board of Education opened nine portable school units at Hamilton and Washington Avenues, named after Alexander Hamilton. By 1916, two more portables were added as the enrollment exceeded 500 pupils. When the permanent brick school was completed early in 1918, the enrollment had doubled to more than 1000. This 24 room building was designed by R.M. Milligan and erected at a cost of $245,000. Increasing population in the area made additional school facilities necessary by the early 1960's. Consequently, two portable units were added at Hamilton School in 1961 and two years later, the first of two branch schools was opened on Clemens Avenue, north of Delmar. Hamilton Branch School No. 3 was erected in 1968 at 450 Des Peres Avenue from plans by Kramer and Harms. The area's educational scope was enlarged in 1963 when the Des Peres Branch Library was opened at 6003 Kingsbury Avenue. It is now located at 5960 Kingsbury, where it maintains a collection exceeding 20,000 volumes and conducts various programs for both children and adults.