Lafayette Square


While there is no public school located within the Lafayette Square area at present, it is served by portions of four elementary school districts: Sigel, Clinton, Hodgen, and Chouteau. It is within the McKinley High School district. Originally, the major part of the area was covered by the district of the old Peabody School at the southwest corner of Carroll Street and Second Carondelet Avenue (now 18th Street). This school was erected in 1872 at a cost of $43,422. It was a three story brick structure of twelve rooms. The top floor was occupied by Branch High School No. 3 in 1875. At that time, the high school had 160 students and the grade school had an enrollment of 480. The old school was razed about 1940 when the new Clinton School was built. The portion of' the area north of Park Avenue was served by the old Clinton School, which is still in use as an office of special education. It is located at Grattan and Hickory Streets and was built in 1868 at a cost of $44,000. It then had twelve rooms and a capacity of 700 pupils.

Image - Peabody School