In the Mill Creek clearance area the population has increased considerably since 1960, but is still much lower than that of the previous slum area. The previous preponderance of low-income blacks has been replaced by a well balanced ethnic mixture.

Population of the balance of the Midtown area has experienced a drop because of the demolition of many dwelling units. It still has a largely black population.

Despite the loss of the University Club, there is currently an optimistic atmosphere in the area because of a new state office building which is to be built near Grand and olive.

St. Louis University continues to exert a beneficial influence on its surroundings as an economic anchor for Midtown. The City has purchased the Missouri Theatre Building for offices of its Health Division and Seminex Seminary has recently taken over several floors in the old University Club Building. Refurbished Powell Hall and the Cochran Veterans Hospital, on the former site of Vandeventer Place, maintain a similar influence on the northern end of the Grand Avenue Midtown sector that the University does at the southern end. Occupancy for the Continental Building and implementation of the City Center concept could well swing the area into a resurgence of its former important force in the City.

In 1978, the Midtown Area was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.