St. Vincent's Seminary, which occupied a large three story building at Grand and Lucas in 1875, had originated in 1843 at Tenth and St. Charles Streets. It was discontinued in 1911, when the building was used by the newly founded Catholic Free High School for Girls, also known as Rosati-Kain. The old building was razed in 1920 for construction of the Missouri Theatre and Rosati-Kain relocated at Lindell and Newstead.

St. Philomena's Technical School was organized in 1845 and moved to Ewing and Clark Avenues in 1868. This building was also used for a girls parochial school of St. Malachi's parish in the 1880's. In 1910, the institution moved to Union and Cabanne Avenues.

One of the earliest public schools to be built in the midtown area was the Stoddard at Lucas and Ewing Avenues. This three story, twelve room building with a capacity of 700 students was erected in 1867 to serve the fast growing Stoddard Addition. In 1878, its capacity was doubled by a new annex. Its district is now served by the Bannekei School, built in 1939.

Lincoln School at 23rd and Engenia Streets was also built in 1867. It was similar in size to the Stoddard building and also had an addition built in 1878. The Lincoln School was demolished for the Mill Creek project in the early 1950's. Another school that was razed for the project was the old Pope School at the northeast corner of Laclede and Ewing Avenues. It' began as a kindergarten at Leffingwell and Chestnut in 1870, and two years later the school with a capacity of 800 students was erected. It continued to serve its area until about 1940 when the Waring School was completed at Compton and Laclede.

In 1927, the Vashon High School was built at 3026 Laclede Avenue. The building now houses the Harris Teachers College and Vashon has been relocated in the former Hadley Technical building. The southern part of the area was originally served by the Chouteau School, which was built in 1868 on Chouteau Avenue near Ewing. It was a two story building accommodating about 600 students. A newer school was erected in 1894 at 1306 South Ewing Avenue with an addition of six rooms in 1898. This area is now served by the nearby L'Ouverture School, opened in 1950 at 3021 Hickory.