Commercial, Industrial, and Transit

Commercial development in this area has been around street intersections, principally businessses are local in nature. Typical examples of these are to be found at Grand and Bates, Grand and Wilmington and Morganford and Loughborough. In the last case, it has form of a small shopping center, developed in the late 1950's. A former bus garage at Grand and Iron Street was converted into a supermarket and local businesses are along Wilmington at intersections west of Grand to Leona. Random strip commercial is strung out along Gravois and to some extent on Morganford, also in the vicinity of Grand Holly Hills.

The only railroad is the Oak Hill and Carondelet branch of the Missouri Pacific, which at one time had a commuter station in Carondelet Park north of Loughborough Avenue. Industrial uses along the railroad do not extend south of Bates Street, which is the area's northern boundary. Industry is negligible.

For many years the only public transit service to this area was furnished by the Cherokee Street car line on Gravois Avenue. This line was extended out beyond Grand Avenue to the City Limits about 1900. Bus service was begun on Grand, south of Meramec, by the Peoples Motorbus Company in 1923. In the following years buses were put into service by the St. Louis Bus Company, a subsidiary of the streetcar company, on Bates, Delor and Loughborough. Direct service downtown from Carondelet Park was operated by the double deck buses of the Peoples Motorbus Company beginning in the 1920's. This later became the line.