Locale and Topography

The Morganford area is in the extreme southern section of St. Louis and is bounded on the north by Bates Street, on the west by Gravois Avenue, on the east by Interstate Highway 55 and on the south by the City Limits. It is within the watershed of the River Des Peres and generally has a southward slope toward that stream. When this area was rural in character, it was drained by Glaise Creek, which arose near Gravois Road and flowed in a southeasterly course to a confluence with the River Des Peres near its present crossing by Interstate 55.

Between the present locations of Bates Street and Carondelet Park, east of Morganford Road is an area which originally included the southern portion of the Carondelet Commonfield. Southwardly from that, it embraced part of the Carondelet Commons north of the River Des Peres. That portion of the area lying between Morganford and Gravois Roads included sections of U.S. Survey #1339, which was originally the Eugenio Alvarez tract, and the southeastern corner of Survey #1839, then held by legal representatives of Madame Camp and Antoine Reilhe.