Parks and Cemeteries

Largest public park within this area is the 179.71 acre Carondelet Park, which is bounded by Loughborough, Leona and Holly Hills Avenues and Interstate Highway 55. It was purchased by the City in 1875 for $140,570 and was created to provide public recreation space for southsiders, at the same time that Forest and O'Fallon Parks were acquired in other parts of the City. Carondelet Park was dedicated on July 4, 1876 and by 1880 it was said to have a lake for boating and six miles of good driveways. Along with O'Fallon and the western half of Forest Park, it was proposed in a 1901 City ordinance as a potential site for the World's Fair.

The topography of Carondelet Park is rather irregular and is characterized by several sink holes. It contains two lakes, one of which was formerly used for boating; and has a boat house and pavilion. The park has numerous athletic fields and picnic grounds and is the scene of annual Carondelet Days Festival. Located to the north the tennis courts is the Alexander Lyle mansion, which built in 1842 by a former Virginian who made a fortune in the construction business in St. Louis. What is now Carondelet Park was a part of Lyle's country estate and after creation of the park his house served as a park keeper's residence for many years. It is presently used as a senior citizens recreational center and is considered to be an architecturally significant landmark.

About half of the 32 acre area of Christy Park is within the area. That park was purchased by the City in 1910 as part of the Kingshighway Boulevard project. A small portion of River Des Peres Park is also in the Morganford District. This park was acquired in 1926

There is a concentration of cemeteries in the vicinity of Gravois Avenue near the City Limits. One of the earliest of these was the old St. Marcus Cemetery, which is on Gravois Avenue near Kingshighway. It was established about 1856 by St. Marcus United Church of Christ, which is now located at McNair Avenue and Russell Boulevard. No burials have been made there in many years and the cemetery has fallen into disuse. Its site has been the object of suggestions for various other land uses. The present St. Marcus Cemetery at 7901 Gravois Avenue was established in 1897.

The Independent Evangelical Protestant Church Cemetery, also known as the New Picker Cemetery, at 7133 Gravois was originally located across the street from its present location. It was established there in 1858 and is named after the Rev. Franz Picker. The present cemetery was opened in 1895.

The large Catholic archdiocesan cemetery of Saints Peter and Paul has been situated at 7030 Gravois for about 110 years but has been considerably enlarged since its founding. Saint Matthew's Cemetery at the southwest corner of Bates Street and Morganford Road was established in 1878. It is under the jurisdiction of St. Matthew's United Church of Christ at Jefferson Avenue and Potomac Street.