There are three public schools within the Morganford area. Oldest of these is the Calvin M. Woodward School at 725 Bellerive Boulevard. After classes were held for some years in portable wooden buildings, the move was made to the present brick building which was completed in 1921 from plans by R.M. Milligan. It is named for Calvin Milton Woodward, a prominent St. Louis educator. J. Gabriel Woerner (1826-1900) was a St. Louis lawyer and judge whose name is honored by the school building at 6131 Leona Street. This school was designed by Ernest T. Friton and was completed in 1931.

The most recent school constructed in the area is Windsor at 4092 Robert Avenue. Windsor School was opened in 1952, an auditorium addition was erected in 1955 and in 1957 an annex was added at the rear of the building.

Since 1902, the Grounds Division of the Board of Education has maintained a plant nursery and greenhouse on a large tract at Field Avenue and Blow Street. Present area of the grounds is 14 acres.

Among miscellaneous facilities in the area are the First District Police Station, which has been located at 907 Holly Hills Avenue since 1931; the Concordia Turners Hall at 6432 Gravois, relocated from 13th and Arsenal Streets because of highway construction in the early 1960's and the America Masonic Hall at 4386 Bates Street, where a new addition was completed in 1966.