An interesting facet of the history of a neighborhood is the manner in which its past is remembered through the names of its streets. In the case of the three principal east-west thoroughfares in the Morganford area, one is named for John M. Loughborough, an early surveyor; another for Frederick Bates, second governor of Missouri and a third is called Holly Hills Avenue, after a major subdivision of the 1920's. Several of the developers of that subdivision are identified with its street names, such as Federer, Livingston and Arendes.

A prominent early land holder in the district south of Carondelet Park was Roswell M. Field, who named streets for his son Eugene, the poet; for another son, Roswell; for a cousin Mrs. French and Field after the family.

Dover and Wilmington were so called because of a subdivision developer from Delaware. Haven Street was originally spelled Haren after Edward Haren, an early land owner in Carondelet. Morganford Road led to a ford on the River Des Peres and Bowen was named for another early surveyor. Toenges Avenue is named for a subdivision developer and Salzburger and Tyrolean Avenues are so named because they were in Austria Heights.