Old North St. Louis


St. Louis Place Park has deteriorated badly in recent years from its days as a neighborhood beauty spot containing a statue of Friedrich Von Schiller, donated by brewer Charles Stifel in 1897. Between 1850 and 1870, the southern part of the park was the site of the city reservoir. Among other parks in the Near North Side is Carr Square at 15th and Carr Streets. It was given to the City by William C. Carr in 1844 when he subdivided the land around it as the first of three additions he platted there.

There are several small block-square parks on the Near North Side including Columbus and Mullanphy Squares and the circular Jackson Place in old North St. Louis Village. A larger DeSoto-Park adjacent to the Pruitt Homes project replaced a smaller block square playground of the same name on the project site. Large playgrounds have been developed around some of the newer public schools in the vicinity of 20th Street and Cass Avenue.