Old North St. Louis

Recent Developments

Near North Side has seen many changes in the last two decades. Beginning in the 1950's large slum districts were succeeded by high rise public housing projects. These in turn deteriorated to such an extent that the vast Pruitt-Igoe Apartments were abandoned and demolished. Other such complexes have survived. The Desoto-Carr Urban Renewal Program may ultimately rejuvenate the area with new housing and industrial parks. The new Convention Center should create renewed interest in neighborhoods immediately north of downtown. Portions of the neighborhood north of Cass Avenue appear to maintain a normal look, although many buildings have been demolished and property values have dropped. The old business district on North 14th Street now has a pedestrian mall. The population is largely black, although whites with a rural background are concentrated in some sections such as the old North St. Louis Village area.

Construction of the Mark Twain Expressway (I-70), paralleling Broadway, created a well-defined separation across the area. East of it is the old established industrial belt near the riverfront and west of it the land use is primarily residential with a scattering of commercial and industrial uses.