Old North St. Louis


The earliest public school in the Near North Side area was the two room North Ward School which was opened in 1838 at Broadway and Cherry Street, now Franklin Avenue. Other early schools were the Mound at Sixth and Howard Streets in 1846 and the Jefferson at Ninth and Wash (Cole) Streets in 1848. The decade before the Civil War saw the opening of the first Webster School at Eleventh and Clinton Streets in 1853, the Carr School at 16th and Carr in 1855 and two schools in 1859 the Jackson at 19th and Maiden Lane, and the Everett on Eighth Street between O'Fallon and Cass.

After the war, further educational demands were met by the second Webster School in 1866, the O'Fallon in 1867, Douglas and Carr Lane in 1870, Colored School #2 in 1871 and the Henry Ames School in 1873. The Franklin School at 18th and Lucas, which opened in 1857, was the largest in the area with about 1,000 seats in 1881. In 1909 it moved to its present building at 814 North 19th Street. Schools currently in use in the area are the Dumas built in 1876, Dessalines (1871), Blair (1882-95), Jackson (1898), Howard (1902), Patrick Henry and Webster (1906), Carr (1908), Franklin (1909), Pruitt (1955), Blewett (1956), Jefferson (1958) and Carr Lane (1959).

Image - Webster School