Oak Hill

Present Conditions

A slow decline in population has occurred in the northern portion of this area, coupled with a slight increase in the number of dwelling units between 1960 and 1970. This pattern tends to show that maturing children are leaving the family dwelling units in this district. Elsewhere in the area, population trends are more stable with only minor decreases apparent in the sections with more recently constructed residential buildings. This situation is also evident in the relative condition of buildings in the area. Generally, older structures show a greater need for repairs, and in the case of commercial uses, a larger proportion are vacant.

Although in a mild state of decline, efforts are underway to beautify and rehabilitate the commercial strip along Grand south of Arsenal Street. A more serious condition exists along Morganford and could induce a negative effect upon the surrounding residential neighborhood. A strong attempt to revive the Bevo Mill shopping area has been instituted by local interests, manifesting itself in the annual Bevo Day festivals and in a new City parking lot at Morganford and Gravois. South of Grand and Gravois, the major change commercially has been the erection of a large supermarket on the old site of St. Anthony's Hospital. It is expected that the shopping center at Gravois and Gustine will have a beneficial effect upon its surroundings. At present its major occupant is K-Mart, which superseded the Zayre Store in 1979. Several other major stores are included there, as well as a branch bank.