The parish of St. James the Greater was organized in was then known as Cheltenham in 1861. It was founded as mission of St. Malachy's Church by Rev. John O'Sullivan, pastor of that church. A wooden church building and bell tower were built soon thereafter and a parochial school was established but was discontinued by 1870. It was revived during the pastorale of Rev. Henry Kelly (1870-78).

The present church at Tamm and Nashville Avenues was designed in the Gothic style by O'Meara and Hills and was dedicated in 1928. Its construction exhibits a similarity to the handiwork of medieval artisans as found in its eleventh century prototypes. Particularly notable are its hand-carved chestnut woodwork and wrought iron work in the interior, where tapestries and stained glass windows add accents of color to the sanctuary. A new parochial school building, at 1360 Tamm Avenue was dedicated by Archbishop Ritter in 1951. An annex was added to it in 1960, followed by a gymnasium in 1963.

Immanuel Methodist Church was founded in 1885 at the home of a member at Mitchell and McCausland Avenues, and later met in a Masonic lodge hall at Forest and Bruno. About 1897, a wooden church was erected on the present site at 2105 McCausland, and the existing brick church building was completed in 1927. An addition was constructed at the rear of the church in 1954,

Maplewood Congregational Church was originally located in that suburb and occupied its present home at 1517 McCausland Avenue during the 1930's. An educational building was added to the church in 1960. The church was built in 1927 for the McCausland Avenue Presbyterian Church, which closed during the depression. It was first situated at Garner and McCausland in Benton about 1900, before moving to its last location in 1927.

St. Augustine's Episcopal Church at Bruno Avenue and Blendon Place was erected in 1902 and its adjoining stone church hall was completed in 1920. An educational annex building behind the church hall was built in 1959. The Maplewood Bible Chapel at 7138 Southwest Avenue was constructed in 1932.

In 1889, a group of Lutherans in Benton Station organized a mission, and held their services in a Masonic lodge hall at Forest and Bruno Avenues, beginning in September, 1891. They continued to meet there until 1897, when they erected a building at 7277 Southwest Avenue in Maplewood. The name of Concordia Lutheran Church was adopted and in 1914 a new building was built at the present location, at 7291 Sarah Avenue in Maplewood. The present church structure there was dedicated in 1954.

Memorial Congregational Church of St. Louis was founded in Cheltenham in 1882 and by 1904 it occupied a building at Sulphur Avenue and Way Street. The church's present edifice at 6234 Victoria Avenue was completed in 1911. Maplewood Christian Church was organized in 1896 in Ellendale, a part of the City of St. Louis. In the next year it erected a building on Hewitt Avenue near Lanham, in the city, as the Ellendale Christian Church. In 1903 the church moved to a frame building on its present site at 2640 Oakview Terrace in Maplewood. At that time, it was incorporated as the Christian Church of Maplewood. In 1953, the frame church burned and was replaced by the existing structure. which was dedicated in 1958.