In the Tyler Place area, all of the housing, with the possible exception of Shaw Place, has been built since the 1890's. Most of it was erected between 1900 and 1925, in a mixture of single and multiple family dwellings. Single family houses are found along Flora Place and off of Magnolia Avenue, elsewhere flats predominate. Both Flora Place and nearby Compton Heights contain some of the finest homes to be seen in this vicinity. East of Grand on Russell, at Louisiana, is the Stockstrom house, a large residence in the German Renaissance style. It was built in 1909 for a local stove manufacturer, from designs by architect Ernst Jansen.

A block-wide swath of housing from Grand to Vandeventer, across the Shaw area, was demolished to make way for Interstate Highway 44. West of Shaw's Garden to Kingshighway, most of the housing was constructed in the 1920's. Single family units are concentrated in the southwestern corner near Magnolia Avenue. The balance of the area is largely flats or apartments, with some single family dwellings near Alfred and Shawl Northwest of Vandeventer Avenue are the old McRee City and Gibson Heights areas, where most of the housing was built before 1900. In the western portion of this area, where single and two family dwellings predominate, they are of 1910-20 vintage. North of I-44, west of Grand, the housing is older and primarily multiple-family in character. This area has experienced a decline and considerable demolition since 1960.