Soulard Market

Two blocks in the second addition, which had been used for years as a farmer's market were donated to the City as a public market site. The first Soulard Market building was built there in the 1840's and was enlarged by the addition of a market hall in 1865. The market buildings were sold to the City in 1867 and continued in use until they were destroyed in the tornado of 1896, which wrought havoc throughout the Soulard area.

New market sheds were soon erected and in 1929 the present Soulard Market and community center buildings were completed. The second floor contains an auditorium and stage affording a meeting place for neighborhood activities. The market building is of Italian Renaissance design, said to have been inspired by the Florentine Foundling Hospital by Filipo Brunelleschi. The market was designed by the city architect Albert Osburg.

Image - Photo of Soulard Market