Schools and Institutions

Early public schools in the Soulard Area include the Carroll School on the southwest corner of Tenth and Carroll built in 1866, and Lyon School at Eighth and Pestalozzi Streets built in 1868. This building was the nucleus for the present general offices of the Anheuser- Busch brewery. The original building of the Lafayette School on Ann Avenue, east of Ninth Street, was built in 1853 and the present school was erected in 1907.

The Madison School near Seventh and Hickory Streets was originally built in 1870 and was replaced by the present structure in 1910. The old Clinton School, which is still in use, was erected in 1868, at Grattan and Hickory Streets. The original Peabody School at Eighteenth and Carroll Streets was erected in 1872 and was demolished some twenty years ago. The new Clinton School on Grattan Street, adjacent to the Clinton-Peabody Housing project, was completed in 1940. A new Peabody School was completed in 1957 near the Darst Housing Project.

The old Pestalozzi School at Seventh and Barry Streets was built in 1870 with an addition constructed in 1909. It was razed in 1961 by the Land Clearance Authority. The original Humboldt School at Jackson (Fourth) and Lesperance Streets was erected in 1870. Its replacement at 2516 South Ninth Street was completed in 1908. Special School No. 1 at 1110 Victor Street was completed in 1908 at a cost of $140,000.

The land occupied by the City Hospital at Fourteenth Street and Lafayette Avenue was reserved for city purposes following the sale of the City Commons in 1836. A city cemetary was established there in 1842 at which time the area to the west as far as Eighteenth Street was to be the site of the City Workhouse. The City Hospital was authorized by ordinance in 1845 and completed in 1846 at a cost of $17,068. It was a three story building of 50 by 111 feet designed by Thomas Walsh. This building was destroyed by fire in 1856. Its replacement was completed in the following year at a cost of $46,079 on grounds covering eight acres. A four-story wing was added in 1874. This hospital was used for males only. The City Female Hospital was built in 1872 on Arsenal Street about a mile west of Kingshighway.

The City Hospital was completely destroyed in the tornado of 1896 and, until the first buildings of the present hospital were completed in 1904, the city rented the old Good Shepherd Convent at Seventeenth and Chestnut Streets for hospital use. The present City Hospital has had new buildings added over the years, with a major high rise annex completed in 1940.

St. Vincent's Institution for the Insane was founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1858 in a building originally built for an orphanage. It was located on the southeast corner of Marion and Decatur (Ninth) Streets near St. Vincent's Church. In 1868, an additional story was added to the building in 1881, it was incorporated as St. Vincent's Institution for the Insane, occupying a full city block. It moved to the present Institution buildings on St. Charles Road in St. Louis County in 1895.