Railroads and Transit

The area east of Broadway is served by the Missouri Pacific Railroad and the Manufacturers Railway, both of which have extensive switching facilities and freight yards near the riverfront. Several large truck terminals are also located there.

The first form of public transit in Soulard was a horse drawn omnibus line which operated on South Second and Carondelet Avenue. After the advent of horse car lines in 1859, one of the pioneers was the St. Louis Railway Company, of which General William T. Sherman was president. Beginning in 1860, the line operated on South Seventh Street southbound and on Carondelet Avenue (Broadway) northbound. Its southern terminus in 1875 was at Carondelet Avenue and Keokuk Street. It ran north on North Broadway as far as the 1855 city limits.

The People's Railway Company, chartered in 1859, operated a "Third Street Line" south from the business district via Second and Third Streets to Victor Street. It had other lines through the area to Lafayette Park and to Compton Hill. Another line running through the neighborhood to Lafayette Park was the Gravois Railway Company. The route was on State (South Twelfth) Street and Gravois Avenue to Jefferson Avenue and to Tower Grove Park. It began operations in 1873.

The line on South Broadway became cable operated in the 1880's and like most other city lines, was electrified as a trolley route in the 1890's. The last street cars in the area disappeared during the 1950's and were replaced by motor busses.