This broad area reaching southward from Fyler Avenue to the City limits was practically all rural in character at the time of the World's Fair in 1904. It was sparsely settled with a few scattered farm houses and only in Lindenwood was there any degree of urbanization. After 1910, it began to develop west of Kingshighway and during the 1920's, subdivision activity became quite widespread throughout the area. By 1950, the area was completely subdivided with the final platting of St. Louis Hills Estates.

Residentially, the area consists of about eighty percent single family dwellings with a scattering of two and four family flats near the main thoroughfares. A concentration of flats and apartments was constructed in Willmore's St. Louis Hills No. 4, bounded by Hampton, Loughborough and Jamieson Avenues. Another such area is in Chippewa-Hampton Park, east of Hampton from Lindenwood to Pernod. Chippewa Street is lined with flats from Kingshighway to Brannon, from Macklind to Sulphur and west of Jamieson Avenue. About 1952, an extensive apartment development was constructed west of the River des Peres Park, north of Weil Avenue. Willmore also reserved the Nottingham Avenue frontage from Hampton to Donovan for multiple dwelling construction.

Image- View of the 5800 Block of Walsh Street in St. Louis Hills.
Image- Four Family Dwellings in St. Louis Hills.
Image- Semi-Detached Dwelling units at Mardel Avenue and Hereford.