The Hill


Industrial activity in this area began in the mid-nineteenth century when blacks, Irish and Italians began working in the many clay mines and brick making plants along the Pacific Railroad. Later, other clay mines and clay products plants were developed to the south and west of Kingshighway. One of the largest of these was the Blackmer and Post Fire Clay Products Company on Hereford Street north of Arsenal. Along with a great many other industries which were established here, it can attribute its location to the construction of the Oak Hill branch of the Missouri Pacific about 1887. These included the McQuay-Norris Piston Ring, Carondelet Foundry and Quick Meal Stove Company plants. Among the Italian oriented businesses in the area are Ravarino-Freschi Spaghetti and Blue Ridge Bottling companies, both of which were founded in 1914.

Image- View at the Banner Iron Works.
Image- Chemetron Corporation - Medical Products Plant on Lilly Avenue.