The Hill


Probably due to the proximity of Tower Grove Park, this are did not acquire much park acreage until relatively recent times. Sublette Park, which had been the site of the old Female Hospital since the early 1870's, was created after that old institution was razed. This roughly triangular park is bounded by Sublette, Southwest, January and Arsenal, covers 13-1/2 acres and was acquired by the City through donation in 1915, Its name was changed from Manchester Park to Sublette Park in 1925.

A park containing nearly five acres, in the block bounded by Shaw, Lilly, Daggett aand Macklind Avenues, was named Virgo Park when its site was purchased by the City in 1945. It was renamed in honor of the late Louis G. (Midge) Berra in November, 1965.

Image- The Female Hospital About 1880.
Image- Ornamental Fountain in Berra Park.