The Hill


Very little residential buildup occurred in this area before 1890. Crude habitations for workers in the clay mines were located in the northern part of the Fairmont district between Northrup and Shaw Avenues. These were single family "shot gun" fram shanties of about three rooms each and two story, four family frame tenements. Later, after 1900, some one story brick houses were erected. Many of the houses were built directly on the ground and some were later raised and basements were excavated beneath them.

Elsewhere in the area, a substantial German colony existed around St. Aloysius Church in the 1890'2 and by 1904 there was a considerable buildup on Magnolia, Reber, Odell and Arsenal, both east and west of the Missouri Pacific's Oak Hill branch. By the time of the World's Fair, the Italian character of the Fairmont area was well established. In the 1920's, that area was quite well developed residentially, spreading southwardly between Hereford and Macklind, and westwardly north of Bischoff.

In the residential sections of this area, single family dwellings generally predominate on the Hill itself. There is a mixture of two and four family flats, also with one family units, in the adjoining sections of the broader area.

Image- Aerial View of Hampton Gardens Apartments and Vicinity.
Image-Early Houses on "THE HILL" - Pattison Avenue in 1910.